Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Manitoba


Together with the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Canada (AFOA), AFOA MB is the centre for excellence and innovation in Aboriginal finance and management. We focus on the capacity development and day-to-day needs of those Aboriginal professionals who are working in all areas of finance and management - today's leaders and those of the future.

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AFOA MB Member Website Access

We are currently updating our membership. As it turns out, members profiles are not accessible by other members or the general public. Only AFOA MB board members can access member profiles. Therefore, we will not require your permission to add you to the member list as you have already provided your permission on your national individual membership application..

The website has security features that will prevent scammers and phishers from accessing our database.

However, there are two databases that need to be completed. One is for the website itself so that active members can access the "members only" sections of the site. The other is for our emailing list. To help facilate this. we are asking that current members of AFOA MB email us at so that you can be added to the list. The email address is afoamb@hotmail.com. If you have any questions regarding this, you can email info@afoamb.ca.

When you are ready to access the website, contact Terri Grasby at tgrasby@mts.net

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